Fellow Romanians, Bulgarians, Polish, lets join together, wherever we are!

9 mai

Business men will bring for us the best products, anything we want and we can not find in England. They think of us! Don’t worry!

Am primit zilele trecut un mail de la un stimabil domn din Anglia cu subiectul ‘Bulgarian groceries’. Am citit subiectul, am citit mail-ul. Am stat si m-am intrebat ce trebuie sa fac eu. Il intereseaza magazinele din Bulgaria? E ingrijorat de cat de repede creste numarul romanilor din Anglia? Vrea sa faca un business cu romanii? Sau vrea sa stie despre cele mai consumate produse poloneze? Da. Conteaza?

From: NG
Sent: 3 mai 2007 12:51
Subject: Market research for
Bulgarian groceries
Dear sir/ madam,
I am writing to you on behalf of XXX UK LTD. sales department.
We XXX (UK) Limited are mainly an Importer & Distributor Company based in North London, England, serving to over 700 customers within and outside London.  We mainly appeal to Mediterranean, Turkish, Balkan, Polish, Slovenian, Iranian and Ethnics Food Section.We are dealing with well known supermarkets and cash-carries (BESTWAY, BOOKER, DHAMECHIA, and TRS) and some retailers, e.g. TESCO, ASDA and soon MORRISONS as well.
Essentially, there is a huge demand of Romanian Groceries within the market correlative to increasing Romanian population In England. Thus, we would like to take this opportunity to become an expanded supplier of Romanian products within the market. To be able  to  have  a good impact on food market within England, we need a good analysis  of  polish  brands  in  terms  of  their international demand and overall selling margin.
Therefore, I would like to ask you to provide me resources, which will be obtained   through   an accurate, particularly concerning 2006, market research.  I  would like to know, what sort of food product, (such as ready meals,  pickles,  canned  foods,  snacks & sweets,  seasonings, mustards, compotes,  soups,  coffee,  bread, flavor…) and beverage (such as juices, water) brands have an high importation demand within Poland. Due to the fact that this research is really crucial for us, I would like to ensure that I will be given a detailed report regarding to my requirement.


Un răspuns to “Fellow Romanians, Bulgarians, Polish, lets join together, wherever we are!”

  1. engambament mai 9, 2007 la 10:03 am #

    naaaais 🙂
    cre’ ca mindria noastra nationala ne face sa credem una sau mai multe din variantele:
    – ca nu-s inca suficient de multi Romani in Anglia;
    – ca intre balcanicii din Anglia, nu ne diferentiem cu nimic de ceilalti ca Romani (iaca inca o nevoie de brending de tara mai tata!);
    – ca omul era obosit, si ca era mai simplu pentru el sa fi facut un mail merge (chiar si ala prost din word) si nu sa ia cu copy-paste din mailul trimis la bulgari dupa mailul trimis la polonezi;
    Sesidati ordinea? Mai intai a trimis la polonezi, dupa aia la Bulgari si abia dupa aia la Romani. Deci iar ne-au luat-o bulgarii inainte!
    Alo, domnu’ vacaroiu, s-aude?!

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